Traci J. Dobrev, Ed.S, M.Ed., NCC, BCC

Traci J. Dobrev, Ed.S, M.Ed., NCC, BCC

Educational Background & Qualifications:

  • Ed S & MA - University of Florida

  • BA - Florida Atlantic University

  • NCC Nationally Certified Counselor

  • BCC Board Certified Coach

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A Note from Traci... 

As long as I can remember I have felt a need to move physically. Therefore, I was drawn to dance, gymnastics, diving and various athletic activities. Over time I realized my need for movement served a very specific purpose….it helped me clear my head, get into a different place, where solutions arose for problems or challenges I was facing.

I recognize not everyone is geared to move physically, however movement whether physical, emotional, mental or spiritual is key in creating success.

Nothing that stagnates stays energized.

Movement facilitates shifts in perception, increases focus, encourages performance in present time and helps us break free of limiting patterns of thought and behavior.

Movement re-energizes the mind, body and spirit. When moving towards a goal or the something that you want in your life; productive energy arises. Learning to channel and utilize this energy is the key to your success.

As with anything, the first step requires the most effort because you must choose to step out of your comfort zone.

As frustrating as feeling stuck or stagnant can be; it can also be a form of comfort. In fact, many people who think they have a fear of success are actually dealing with a familiarity with failure; in other words a familiarity with repeating the same ineffective patterns.

Facilitating journeys out of ineffective patterns that keep individuals and organization feeling stuck and into energizing solutions is at the core of what I do and why I love what I do!

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Educational Bio:

Traci has a varied career background involving teaching, consulting, managing, counseling, coaching and dance. She uses her expertise and experience in these different areas to facilitate and choreograph accelerated movement and change in people’s lives and businesses.

Traci holds a Bachelor degree in Education and taught for five years before returning to graduate school to earn a Master and Specialist degrees in Counseling from the University of Florida. Upon graduation she began working in the corporate world in the area of organizational change management.

 Traci held various responsibilities within the corporate setting including creating training and delivery of materials, the design and roll out of communication plans for organizational changes and coaching other consultants on how to handle resistance to change.

She facilitated various project management groups with the express focus to help them move past conflict and into solution driven answers. In addition, she has coached both CEO’s and managers on the how to effectively deliver and communicate information to organizations and teams to create buy in and increase motivation and performance.

 Traci is a Nationally Certified Counselor and a Board Certified Coach. In addition, she has been an adjunct instructor for the corporate training departments at both at St. Petersburg College and Hillsborough Community College; teaching classes on conflict resolution, stress management, team building and personal motivation.

 Traci started Connection Point Coaching with a focus on helping individuals and organization identify and neutralize blocks and beliefs that prevent forward movement. She specializes in Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET), an energy psychology technique that helps identify and clear non-conscious blocks that lead to self sabotaging behaviors. Today she continues to study a variety of energy psychology techniques and combines those with her knowledge and expertise in area of personal growth and development.