Traditional Approach & Energy Psychology (EP) Approach


I am often asked what is the difference between traditional styles of coaching and counseling and energy psychology approaches.  I like to start with how they are similar. Ultimately the primary goal and focus of any approach or style is to heal; to bring harmony to an area of one’s life or business where a pain or a problem exists.

There are many ways healing takes place and coaching and counseling are just one vehicle on the journey that can be explored.

The core difference between traditional styles of coaching and counseling and energy psychology styles is in connecting the body into the overall equation of how healing is achieved. In traditional approaches, less emphasis is placed on how the emotions are impacting the body.

In energy psychology approaches it is believed that everything is interconnected and therefore being influenced by the other. Emotions are looked at as being physiological not just psychological.

For example, suppose a person has a fear of public speaking. In a traditional approach fears, may be examined and the person may role play or act out the behavior to practice neutralizing and eliminating the fear.

An energy psychology approach would utilize the energy meridian systems within the body to identify the original fear trigger in regards to speaking. Then thru a process of focusing on the event and either holding or tapping meridian points the nervous system is neutralized in regards to that trigger. In a sense the brain neutralizes body level fear response to the action of public speaking. This allows the more cognitive aspects of telling oneself to take deep breathes and calm down to be acted on with greater ease.

Both approaches can be effective; however, energy psychology approaches generally get faster results for identified goals. Sometimes these approaches are referred to as “power therapies” because of the speed at which they address the identified issues. 

It is believed these approaches get such fast results because they target and work with the Limbic system and the Medulla Oblongata or brain stem, which are the more primitive parts of the brain. 

Whatever the style or approach; traditional or energy based, results can be obtained and I frequently incorporate both styles into my work.

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