The Straight A Formula of Conscious Change

The Straight A's of Conscious Change
As a former teacher, I always look for quick and simple ways to remember content. I created this Straight A formula to help you remember the process for how change occurs. Knowing where you are in the change process often helps to keep you on track when you are in doubt or feel defeat.

Those types of emotions often indicate a learning opportunity is present. Remember the quote from Einstein, “No problem can be solved at the consciousness level at which it was created.” The key to solving your problem lies in raising your conscious awareness.
— Traci J. Dobrev


You cannot direct change towards something you do not perceive. The ability to change anything begins with increased self-awareness. Greater awareness commonly arises (but not always) when there is some degree of pain or disharmony in life.

When you cut your finger, the pain creates the awareness that you need to heal the wound. 

Awareness is half the battle. 


You cannot change what you do not accept. Acceptance is about acknowledging you are responsible for every aspect of your life including the pain points, even when you don’t understand how or why.

The act of acceptance overrides the argumentative side of your brain. It shifts the gears in the mind. It allows the heart brain to be perceived so that energy focused towards solutions can be generated. New insights and ideas arise on how to address the pain points in your life.

Acceptance is a powerful mental and emotional shift. When you accept complete responsibility for your life you create new pathways in the brain that lead to new actions.    


New actions are required to get new results. Awareness and acceptance will lead to feeling a little better; but it does not stop there. Old patterns of behavior will return if new and different action steps are not laid out and acted upon.

It can be challenging to take action when feeling doubt, discomfort or disillusionment. These feelings indicate work is being done outside the comfort zone. This is good; it means new and different actions are being taken!

Action involves an element of risk, and it teaches quickly. Nothing can replace taking action. When you take action you learn how powerful and strong you truly are and you increase your confidence and self-trust. 


The fuel of motivation comes in the form of recognizing achievements and it is often overlooked or missed entirely.

Acknowledging achievements changes the chemistry in your brain. Instead of the focus being on limitation, the brain can see success. This releases chemicals that create a positive and proactive internal state of being. You literally become open to new ways of thinking.

The new insights propel you forward into new levels of awareness, and the cycle repeats. 

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