Is This Your Pattern?

Hope & Energy Build...

You set a new intention to change something that is not working for you in your life, i.e., Health, Relationships, Careers, Money, Performance, Employees, Employers, Spiritual Growth, etc.

Hard Work: Excert Energy

You work very hard to make changes, but it feels stagnant; like you are rowing upstream and can't get any traction.

Defeat & No Energy...

Your energy is depleted. Relationships suffer on multiple levels and life feels heavy; like something to be endured not something to be excited about.

You build your energy up, work really hard and then feel completely drained! At the same time you see and feel all your efforts did not yield any significant results.

This is a common pattern today seen in both individuals and organizations.  The key to breaking free of it lies in learning how to manage your energy. 

At Connection Point Coaching we focus on energy management not time management.

Energy management focuses on understanding very specific aspects of your brain and body and how they interact to record information.

By gaining insight and understanding into the beliefs and behaviors held within the body and mind, you begin to understand why you act and perform in certain ways. This insight will allow you to take more conscious action to disrupt limiting and energy wasting patterns.  

To learn more about how to change beliefs and take more conscious actions see Traci’s Straight A Formula for Conscious Change