Do you have low energy? Unable to see solutions? Feeling Stuck?
Stop repeating the pattern - see your pattern and solve your problem!

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The Goal at Connection Point is to Help You Create Conscious Change Through...

Educating you on the science of how your brain, body, and energy interact to create your unique beliefs and patterns of behavior.

Coaching you on how to change and create new patterns of thought and behavior to get you moving, motivated, and prepared to handle new growth and new challenges.

Integrating the use of both traditional and energy psychology tools to facilitate quick and efficient change.

Have you ever said: "I'm just wired that way," or "I can't change?"

Is real change even possible? My years of experience in the study of human behavior show it is possible! BUT two critical ingredients are required:

  1. A core desire to change;

  2. And an understanding of how the brain and body record information.

At Connection Point Coaching we provide you with knowledge and insight into how the mind and body create beliefs and patterns of behavior that influence your choices and performance. We also provide you with tools to help activate and redirect your energy in more efficient and effective ways so you can break free of sabotaging patters and get to where you want to be!

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