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Stress could be effecting you in any of these ways:

·      Feelings of anxiety and discomfort?
·      Overly tired or unmotivated?
·      Angry or resentful; feeling others consume time and energy and nothing is left for you?
·      Feeling overwhelmed and unsuccessful; like no matter how hard you try you cannot get ahead?
·      Feeling like you just “don’t care” on some level, “giving up and going thru the motions”?
·      Scattered; unable to focus or complete tasks in the time needed?
·      Unable to relax and just be; the mind is constantly ‘on’?

If you answered yes to any of these questions or experiences, you might be suffering from high-levels of stress. Stress left unmanaged leads to poor performance levels and ultimately poor health. Take action and now and learn to interrupt the stress cycle; it’s easier than you might think!  

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Download these worksheets to participate in the webinar:

I start with the 3-B’s: Brain, Body, and Breath!

When stress reaches a point of overwhelm or excess an individual’s ability to perform declines leading to burnout, ill health, or a breakdown.

Learn to recognize and interrupt the stress response cycle before your ability to perform effectively, in personal and professional, settings are compromised.

I will teach you three questions you can use to recognize and interrupt the stress response system in the body and learn more effective ways to manage the stress.

Using the three questions you will be able to interrupt the stress cycle and put the brain and body back on track. I will also share an exercise with you to help you identify the effects of stress on your body.

Did you know that 90% of doctor visits are for Stress? You might even call stress the plague our time!

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