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I Desire a Change! How Achievement Increases Goal Attainment


Have you taken any action towards the change you want to create?

Did you happen to celebrate or recognize your success in taking that action?

If you’re like most of us instead of acknowledging a small action step as success, you probably looked at how much more you still need to achieve and felt down on yourself once again.

When this happens we start giving that little devil on the shoulder more air time than he or she deserves. This is where acknowledgment of our actions as small success steps becomes critically important.

Humans tend to deflect acknowledgement or appreciation offered by others with statements like:

“It wasn’t a big deal.”

“Anyone could do that.”

That’s nothing special.”

So learning how to acknowledge ourselves can feel silly and unfamiliar, but it is so important to achieving sustainable change.

If you have been participating in my complimentary four part webinar series, I Desire a Change, you have now learned how Self-awareness, Self-acceptance and Action play important roles in creating sustainable change.

This month we move into Acknowledgement, the final step in my conscious change process.

Acknowledgement feels like it would be the easiest step to complete, but it is generally not even recognized as a step in creating a sustainable change. 

Join me this month and learn how acknowledging your actions, generates more energy and sets you up for successful and sustainable change!

On December 6, 2018 @ 11AM, I will be wrapping up the 4-Part Series of ‘I Desire a Change!’

Join me for the final step – ACHIEVEMENT in ‘I Desire a Change! How Achievement Increases Goal Attainment.’

The webinar will focus on:

1.     Why acknowledging achievements is critical to goal attainment.

2.     The blocks to acknowledgement.

3.     Ways to increase self-acknowledgement practices.