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I Desire A Change! How Action Increases Goal Attainment


So have you tamed the little devil on your shoulder that’s blocking you from making changes?

If you have been participating in my complimentary four part webinar series, I Desire a Change, you have now learned how self-awareness and self-acceptance are key components of change and are necessary in order to manage that little devil when he/she speaks up.

This month we move into the Action part of my Conscious Change Model.   

Action is often considered the hardest part of creating a change. We often feel safer just imagining and thinking about the changes we want to make than actually doing the work of creating the change. 

The steps of creating better self-awareness and self-acceptance are necessary because they help you free up the energy that has been blocked. That energy we are now going to channel into taking action. 

Take an action; join me this month and learn how powerful and strong you truly are!

On November 8, 2018 @ 11AM, I will be doing the third webinar in the 4-Part Series of ‘I Desire a Change!’

Join me for the third step – ACTION in ‘I Desire a Change! How Action Increases Goal Attainment!’

The webinar will focus on:

1.     Discover the four levels of action.

2.     Identify what level or levels are holding you back from taking action.

3.     Plan action behaviors to improve goal attainment.