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Developing Greater Fortitude & Resiliency


Negative feelings have a way of sneaking up on us, when we least expect them. When that happens, we get wrapped up and stuck in a negative way of thinking. The first step is to recognize the negative pattern, the second step is to find a way to deal with negative thoughts and feelings in a constructive way. You cultivate greater emotional resiliency by doing this one thing!

Join me on July 12, 2018 at 11AM for a 30-minute LIVE Webinar!

Using my Inspiration Cards, I will demonstrate how to use the cards to help you reframe a negative situation and develop greater emotional fortitude and resiliency. I guarantee this will be a fun and interactive webinar where I will show you how to flip your outlook. You will immediately feel a shift in your productivity, your focus, and your energy. When we’re finished you will be able to reframe a negative situation into a positive and feel more empowered and energized!

There is NO COST to attend this webinar, just show up live and learn how to shift your outlook!